Lenita. PRSSA President
President of PRSSA, Bowie Chapter

Lenita Smith


Senior, graduating December 2011
I enjoy cooking and reading,
Eventually, I would like to visit Australia, Africa and Japan
In January 2010, I joined PRSSA to enhance my knowledge of the field of public relations and also to meet like-minded individuals. Thus far, PRSSA has been valuable to my PR education and profession.  With the conferences and professional development opportunities, PRSSA is definitely an organization I want to be a part of throughout my PR career!
PRSSA Vice President
Vice President of PRSSA, Bowie Chapter
Amanda L. Sutton
Vice President
Is a Senior graduating in May 2012
I love fashion, writing, singing, and dancing.
Editor-in-cheif of for Bowie State University
I am passionate about community service, family, and public relations
I joined PRSSA to gain a better understanding of public relations, and the work experience outside the classroom setting. I am very passionate about my career in public relations with a special interest in branding and image consulting. I aspire to use PRSSA as a building block to a wonderful career in PR.
Public Relations Coordinator of PRSSA, Bowie Chapter

Zaneta W. Greene

Public Relations Coordinator

I am a senior majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.
I love to write, sight see, and travel.
In 2008, I launched my own student-run Public Relations firm.
I decided to join PRSSA to get a better idea of how to work as a Public Relations professional. PRSSA will benefit me by advancing my knowledge of certain skills as a Pubic Relations professional and to help me to be better prepared for my career.
I have created/ hosted several events for production companies in the DC area. I live and breathe all things involving PR.
Ashonda Bethea-Ruth
Webmaster/Historian for PRSSA’s BSU chapter.
I am a Senior at Bowie State University majoring in Print Communications and minoring in Visual Communications.
I am a fun-loving, outgoing, energetic person that loves to read, listen to music, and read fashion magazines, along with many other trivial pursuits.
I decided to join PRSSA because, although I am a print major, I wanted to explore the many other options that the communications world had to offer. I believe this will give me a greater diversity of experience when I enter the real professional work world and I hope to use the knowledge that I acquire here in my future career.
Along with PRSSA, I am also on the schools newspaper, the Spectrum where I am responsible for the health column, along with many other campus related issues.

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